India has 690 Million internet users today. The post-COVID-19 work culture indicates permanent work from home will remain CFO’s best friend in 2020.  On the other hand, 2017 witnessed a loss of USD 18 billion to cybercrime. Besides, in 2018 alone 27,000 data breaches were reported officially even with the use of VPNs. Let's see how MFA/SSO is addressing these scenarios.

Data breaches in the sub-continent are costing businesses money and reputation. Hence zero-trust security is the need of the hour.

Here are the six factors that make multi-factor authentication and single sign-on a must-have cybersecurity solution for enterprises,

  1. Multi-Layer Approach - Multi-factor authentication verifies the users through a combination of “something you have” (E-Mail/SMS OTP, Hardware Token, Software Token) and “something you know” (Credentials, codes, etc).
  2. Fraud Protection – Keep intruders away with MFA. Now hackers will encounter an extra layer of security even if they have access to your user credentials.   
  3. Simplified AccessSingle sign-on simplifies the process for both users and administrators. Since all the applications and devices are accessible via a single source, administrators can have robust control over user access management.
  4. Improved security habits - Employees tend to use easy passwords when they need to manage multiple passwords. SSO eradicates the need of having individual passwords.
  5. Cost-benefit – SSO cuts your IT cost. Your IT desk will never be bombarded with password reset requests.
  6. Higher productivity – It is estimated that an average IT professional spends 25% of the time in the authentication. Various applications, networks, and devices take away a lot of time. With SSO, you can channelize this time into something more meaningful.

Do you want to know in detail about how MFA/SSO can be enabled for applications and devices? Click here for a simplified answer.

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